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Kaiser Buns Vs. Hamburger Buns Vs. Sliced Bread: When To Use Each


If you're planning a cookout and are looking for the right style of buns to keep around for people making burgers and grilled fish or chicken, you're not lacking for choice. A glance at the bread shelves in any market will reveal several choices for buns and sandwich bread. Much of what drives the choice is personal preference, but there are some times when one style of bread is more appropriate. Here's a look at when you should use each type for the best sandwich results.

When to Use Kaiser Buns

If you've got a thick burger patty or a lot of toppings that could soak the bun, a thick kaiser bun is your best bet. These hold up well and provide bulk that is relatively proportional to the bulk of the burger fillings. Kaiser buns are available plain, with poppy seeds, and with sesame seeds, so you can have a few variations available to suit different tastes. These buns can often be a lot chewier than traditional hamburger buns, so they're very good for those who want some real texture and heft to the bread they're using. Kaiser buns are also good for thick stacks of cold cuts and vegetable fillings because the buns hold up to the juices from the vegetables quite well.

When to Use Potato or Sesame Rolls

These very soft buns (often thought of as traditional burger buns) are best for thinner patties as well as tougher cuts like a chicken cutlet or breaded fish filet. Even though chicken and fish can be quite tender, they can be a little chewier and substantial to bite through -- especially if the breading on the fish is crunchy -- than ground beef. A soft bun that is easy to bite into counters this chewiness and makes the sandwich less of a jaw-unhinging mouthful. These buns also tend to come in smaller sizes than kaiser buns, making them very suitable for children's sandwiches.

When to Use Sliced Bread

Sliced bread wins for cold cuts and spreads. Whether it's toasted white bread for a club sandwich or whole wheat for peanut butter and jelly, sandwich bread is the simplest and cheapest option around. It's also easy to cut into pieces for smaller sandwich sections. You can cut kaiser and burger buns, but they just don't look the same as a diagonally cut slice of bread in a club sandwich, for example. Sliced bread is often used as a backup for burgers when there are no round buns available, but it doesn't look that good.

What's really important is the quality of the bun or bread. If you want to find really great kaiser buns, hamburger buns, and bread loaves, visit bakeries in your area and sample what they have. Many bakeries can supply rolls and buns in bulk for parties.

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29 February 2016